Via design we create innovations that have big impact on businesses and their customers.

Why you need to innovate

And it shows…

Top innovative organisations outperform other companies

Innovate the Bluedive way

Our triple diamond solves all three innovation challenges to launch

In our process

We put the customer & business first

90% of innovation fails mostly because companies focus on the wrong things, they should focus on solving customer problems

Clayton Christensen
Harvard Business School professor


Use technology and creation to shape innovation

No. 1 reason of new products failing is lack of a viable model

Alexander Osterwalder

We take the fast lane, short sprints and evaluation

High speed, low risks

Working as a team:
We combine your expertise with ours

Our team has a long track record in design and innovation with A-companies and SME.

Our solutions

We bring design expertise to help your company innovate

With our design approach we deliver fast tangible results.
Lower risks and less costs.
Dive into the blue! Discover new opportunities.